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How to Rent a Car in the Philippines

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Why Rent a Car? Car rentals are an alternative the more and more used by travelers, especially now. Low-cost airlines permit us to travel to any city in the world with big-ticket discounts. Now you can go from one location to another and discover places around the surrounding city.

But if you haven’t rented a car yet, here you have some advantages to renting a car.

For convenience and cost efficiency 

Renting a car is often more cost-effective than hailing a cab every time to get around. Definitely more convenient to transfer from one place to another. While enjoying your holidays, you don’t want to worry about taxi prices, schedules or bus stops. You just want to explore, improvise and enjoy your time

Roadtripping with a rental car

Save on your own car’s wear and tear depreciation! You avoid adding mileage to your personal car’s odometer for sure.
You may opt to rent an AUV or SUV so you and your fellow travelers will be comfortable having more seating options and plenty of space for your luggage and other things.

When renting a car in the Philippines, here are the usual channels:

  • Online
    • You may book through a or through the booking websites of car rental companies in the Philippines.

  • Travel Agencies
    • A lot of travel agencies from the Philippines or from your home country would have car rental partners in destinations in the Philippines. You may contact them when you intend to rent a car during your visit to the Philippines.

  • Car Rentals in the Airport/Physical Counters
    • Upon arrival at the airport, you may approach the car rental counters which is usually located in one area. Follow the signs once you get out from the arrival area or you may ask around. You may choose between international providers or local car rentals. Local car rentals are given permits to solicit on the arrival area, however, if you prefer a car rental from the known brands, you would have to visit their designated car rental counters.
    • Rental fees on the airport are also usually higher. We recommend pre-booking your car rental.

Recommended Vehicles for Every Passenger

We have complete roster and class of cars that can adapt to any of your needs and use for occasions.

The CitiCars Experience

We adhere to any customer needs and can provide different rental vehicles to cater to different customers and purposes. From economy to intermediate sedan models and SUV options.

  1. How can I rent with CitiCars?
    • In order to start your journey with CitiCars, you may book through our website, Select your dates, your desired pickup and drop off location, your vehicle, and add-ons to reserve a car. Wait for confirmation from our reservations agent, and pick up the car at your desired location on your booking date.

  2. What are the requirements to rent?
    • Requirements for foreign guests:
      • • Payment
      • • 50% deposit (via credit card, debit card, or cash)
      • • Passport (for identity verification)
      • • Driver’s License
    • Requirements for local guests:
      • • Payment
      • • 50% deposit (via credit card, debit card, or cash)
      • • Driver’s License

  3. Where are your pickup locations?
    1. You may check out our locations here.

  4. How do I pay for my car rental?
    • We are currently working on our online payments and we’re excited to launch it soon. For now, you may pay through the following:
      • • Cash payment upon arrival (Pay at the counter)
      • • Credit card payment upon arrival (Pay at the counter)
      • • Debit card payment upon arrival (Pay at the counter)

  5. I have a booking for CitiCars. What do I do when I arrive at the location?
    • Upon arrival at our location, kindly approach our agent at the counter and show your confirmation number. Please allow our agent some time to verify your confirmation number. Once confirmed, our agent will ask you to settle the payment. After the settlement, our agent shall assist you to the vehicle.

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